Do you really need to declutter to sell your home?

Do you really need to declutter to sell your home?

It’s a question thousands of home sellers groan to themselves as they look around at a house full of years of accumulated stuff. “If it’s such a hot market, why does my house have to be staged to perfection and decluttered,” they ask themselves. “Can’t I just sell it as is?”

Of course you can. But be prepared to make less money, get fewer offers and take a longer time to sell.

Yes, even in a seller’s market staging and decluttering matters. Why?

  • An uncluttered home looks more spacious. Buyers like space.
  • You’re selling your house, not your stuff. A buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves in your home, not feel like a guest.
  • Rightly or wrongly, clutter gives the impression that the home hasn’t been maintained. A buyer may wonder what evil may be lurking beneath the piles.
  • People like having cabinets and closets to put their things out of view, but if your house’s storage space is overflowing with your stuff it gives the impression there’s not enough storage space.
  • Most people aren’t able to focus on the house behind the clutter. The less clutter, the more your house’s best features stand out.
  • An uncluttered home looks better in photos, and online—where 98% of buyers start their home search—good photos are imperative.


If you choose to work with the Haviland team, our professional stager will walk through your home with you and give you her expert advice on what can stay out and what should be packed away in order to appeal to the most buyers. You’re not in this alone!

And the silver lining to all this decluttering? It makes it easier and less expensive to move, AND your new home will shine in all its clutter-free beauty!


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