Save Money & Reduce Energy Waste? Yes, Please!

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Who doesn’t like to save money? Whether you’ve lived in your home for years, just bought a new one, or are renting, Wisconsin Focus on Energy can help save you money with energy-related home improvements. While the funding amount and programs can change annually, there are currently several programs in place that offer refunds or other incentives. Best of all? Any time you participate in one of the programs, not only are you improving your home you’re also improving the environment. And that is definitely a win for everyone.

Featured programs:


Get $20 for your old fridge or freezer if you replace it with a qualifying appliance that meets energy guidelines. You’ll save money and they’ll even pick up your old appliance for free!


Get a $75 cash incentive on ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostats. Using a Smart Thermostat can save you money—up to $120 annually, and the convenience of adjusting your home to the desired temperature vis your smartphone can’t be beat. No more coming home to a cold house after a long vacation!


Tired of spending money on heating and cooling only to be uncomfortable in your home? It may be time for a home energy assessment. A trained contractor will look for health and safety issues, as well as measure the airtightness of your home using special diagnostic tools. They’ll show you where the leaks and trouble areas are and will recommend solutions. While this isn’t a free service, it’s a low cost to pay for comfort and long-term savings.


Focus on Energy offers six different energy savings packs for free. That’s right FREE. You can get one every three years. The packs include things like LED bulbs, low flow shower heads, power strips, and pipe insulation wrap. Did we mention it’s free??


Within 60 days of installation of new HVAC equipment in the current calendar year, you can apply for incentives. The site doesn’t specify the amount, but there are two tiers, the second one determined by household income. 


There are numerous local retailers, mostly hardware stores, that offer an immediate $4 discount on qualifying LED bulb purchases. Homeowners can also get 25% off the purchase of up to 15 Low-E storm windows through March 31st, or while supplies last. 


If you’re considering building a new home, Focus on Energy can connect you with a builder and a Building Performance Consultant to build a home that is between 25-100 percent more efficient than homes built to Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code. You can happily save money while lounging in comfort in your beautiful new home. Nice!


Focus on Energy has earmarked $900,000 in cash incentives for Wisconsin residents completing qualifying renewable energy projects involving solar electric and geothermal installations.

NB: Both Alliant Energy and Madison Gas & Electric participate in the programs. 

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