Judy Nolan

Judy Nolan


As the Haviland team’s superstar executive assistant, Judy is the one who crosses the T’s, dots the I’s and coordinates all the things that lead to smooth offers, closings and showing tours. She has an uncanny ability to read minds and chances are good she’s done it before you’ve had a chance to ask her.

Judy has had a long career in real estate starting in 2001 when she was an agent in Chicago. When her family moved to Seattle she switched careers, and for the next six years she worked one-on-one with special needs children. And then. . . real estate came calling again. She was a transaction coordinator for 50+ agents at a Seattle brokerage until her husband’s job brought her to Madison where before joining the Haviland team, Judy graced the front desk at Stark as an office admin.

When not making everyone’s lives easier at work, she’s spending time with her husband Scott and their kids—one at UW LaCrosse, and three other kids who are older and living in Seattle and Scottsdale. Their favorite way to explore their new city is on their new electric bikes. Well, that and discovering good restaurants with extensive wine lists.

Her home: A condo on the west side of Madison that happily requires zero outside maintenance!


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